Frequently Asked Questions


This is the most asked question, and the hardest to answer. We always imagine the worst when facing the unknown, but when it comes to tattoos or piercings the anticipation is always the most painful part. The piercings themselves are often surprisingly easy... a quick pinch lasting less than a second, sometimes accompanied by a sensation of warmth in the area that has been pierced.

In Tattooing keeping with the vow not to deceive our clients, we admit it might be uncomfortable. However, a few minutes of discomfort will reward you with a lifetime personal treasure. Be warned… once you have been tattooed, life will never be the same! So enjoy! Our skilled professionals have years of experience, we do everything we can to make receiving a tattoo as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


Pricing depends on the piercing and jewelry you choose. When you get a pricing quote over the phone from us, it will always be broken down into the cost of the piercing and the cost of basic implant-grade jewelry. Because of the risks that can be involved in getting pierced, it's best to avoid "bargain hunting" and focus instead on the safety and quality of work that a studio offers. There's nothing wrong with comparison shopping, but it's important to compare many other things in addition to pricing.

As the saying goes, a good tattoo is not cheap & a cheap tattoo is not good. The shop minimum is $80. Custom work cost $150 per hour. A professional Tattoo artist who works for less may be cutting corners on sterilization to save money and putting you at a higher risk of disease. You will find these artists don’t last long in the business. We recognize that tattooing is not cheap, but we are sure that your positive experience and your satisfaction with your permanent ink are worth the expense. The artist will give you an estimate, but how much your tattoo ends up costing depends on several factors, including the size and complexity of the design, how long it takes to place it on your body, and how well your particular skin takes the ink.


We carry a very large selection of high quality jewelry for healed piercings. Options run from implant grade steel and implant grade titanium to 18k and 14k Gold, from glass and stone to wood and other organics. If you are looking for a unique or custom piece of jewelry, we take special orders at no additional cost. We are also the only studio in Concord that specializes in fine jeweler-quality pieces for piercings: including 14k and 18k Gold, Platinum, Swaroski zirconia, genuine or synthetic stones and custom settings.


We have nickel-free jewelry options for every piercing that we offer. Our implant grade Titanium and 18k Gold as well as Swarovski zirconia are all nickel-free.

"What if I have a latex allergy?"

With so many people experiencing sensitivity to latex, our studio uses only nitrile gloves.


Each piercing has its own specific procedure, but there are some basics. Your piercer will walk you through the experience calmly and help to ensure that your experience is a positive one.


Here are a few simple steps

1. Make sure you have eaten something within 30 min to an hour before your appointment to avoid getting dizzy or fainting. Also, drink plenty of fluids before hand

2. Allow plenty of time for the tattoo or piercing procedure. Don’t set a time limit.

3. You will need a valid state ID before any tattooing, piercing, or jewelry insertion/removal takes place.

4. Wear comfortable clothing that can be easily adjusted or removed if necessary. Also wear clothes that you don’t mind if they get ink stains on

5. Do not consume any medications that will cause your blood to thin or consume alcohol before your appointment.


We reserve the right to refuse tattooing or piercing services to anyone at any time.