About Us


Our studio is registered by Contra Costa Environmental Health (CCEH). We have our sterilization equipment independently monitored by an outside laboratory to ensure your safety. All of our tattoos and piercing set ups are single-use, for every procedure. Our studio is completely latex-free. Our staff undergoes annual training in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Control, and Red Cross First Aid/CPR. Our first priority is YOU!


We provide a relaxed, professional setting with friendly and helpful staff to make sure that all of our customers feel welcome and comfortable. We offer consultations and assessments to those with previous work or who are just thinking about piercings and tattoos. We encourage you to visit us to take a tour of the studio or to speak with one of our staff members. You will always find us happy to answer questions and to share information. Helping to educate the public on safe piercing and tattoo practices is very important to us.


Our piercer training exceeds state requirements, and includes training in: Anatomy, Medical Assessment, Stretching, Wound Care, Piercing Techniques and Bedside Manner. Our piercers also have training in advanced piercing techniques, including genital and surface piercings. What more piercer training means for you is the fastest, cleanest and most gentle piercing possible. A well trained, qualified piercer can ensure that your piercing experience is a calm and rewarding one.  All piercers at Blue Star Tattoos are members of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP).

Our tattoo artist training exceeds state requirements and is updated yearly in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Control and Red Cross First Aid/CPR. Again our top priority is YOU!


For your safety, our piercing department only pierce with implant grade, internally threaded jewelry. We also have nickel-free jewelry options for every piercing. For healed piercings, we carry a large selection of high quality jewelry in implant grade steel, implant grade titanium, 18k and 14k gold, glass, stone, and organics. For unique or custom jewelry we are happy to place special orders at no additional charge. We have relationships with many jewelers, meaning we can usually find, or have someone make just about anything you might want.

We stand behind each piece of jewelry we sell. We are the only piercing studio in Concord that specializes in fine, jeweler-quality pieces for piercings, with choices including 18k and 14k gold, platinum, Swarovski zirconia, genuine or synthetic stones and custom settings.

Our Tattoo department uses only top quality manufactures for their supply of inks, tubes, and needles giving you the best in the business.


We care about our clients. Our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable piercers and tattooist will guide you calmly through every step of your experience. After your tattoo or piercing, we are available throughout the healing process for any trouble shooting, questions or concerns that you may have. We will provide you with verbal and written suggestions for the care of your tattoo or piercing.